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Hartmut Bohnacker

Ted Davis

William Porr

Hillary Kenna & Rob Griffin

Aleksandra Hojszyk

Maja Starakiewicz

Adam Słowik

Philip Pachucki

Carolina Laudon

Natalia Domagala

​How can we achieve meaningful human-technology interactions amongst the plethora of possibilities? Interaction design and text coding workshops are dedicated to the newest methods of blended design, classic and new technologies will be combined. Participants of workshops will learn basics on IT, AI and automatisation in design layout, single character and text. The best practice of digital publication will be presented, explained and taught.

Through experimenting with different mediums, we will animate, code, write and shift our perception of typography and text. Join us to transgress the boundaries between human-human and human-digital interactions and help us shape the world of the future built on stable and sustainable foundations.







Interactive Design Workshop Week


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